Informative tips to help you & your child get ready and be prepared for sports portrait day.

  • Every child is photographed for sports portraits regardless of their order status. This ensures there is still an opportunity to place an order at a later date.  We do give high school and middle school athletes an opt out opportunity.
  • Order forms… are available from your league or coach approximately 3-5 days before the scheduled picture date. They may also be found on this web site or at picture day location.
  • Envelopes…if you are placing and order on portrait day, please send your athlete to school or event with their completed envelope on this day. If you have pre ordered online, enclose the receipt in the order envelope and write your confirmation code in order section.
  • Legible handwriting… it is a must for your sports portrait. Please take your time with this section.  Almost every sports item is customized with your child’s name.
  • Professional School Imaging is not responsible for misspelling because of illegible handwriting.
  • Packages… will be delivered to the league or school in approximately 3-4 weeks.

Please enjoy this sampling of our sports portraits