Informative tips to help you & your child get ready and be prepared for school portrait day.

  • Every child is photographed for school records regardless of their order status.
  • Clothing… help your child pick out clothes and colors that look good on them. Best choice is simple, classic in a color that compliments eyes and hair.  Good fit, small patterns and few words are best.
  • Expressions…Professional School Imaging prides themselves on being attentive with each child.
  • Encourage your child to bring a positive attitude to the camera.  Our photographers work hard to evoke natural expressions.  Smiles can look fake if they are practiced too much ahead of time. Encouraging your child to be themselves, listen and cooperate with the photographer is very helpful.
  • Perfection…please do not worry about “perfect”. A stray hair, missing tooth or braces shows your child just as they are right now. On picture day our staff check details such as hair, face, collars and buttons to make sure you have the best portrait possible.
  • Glasses…portraits need light and they may show in your child's glasses. We do all we can to reduce the glare but at times it is unavoidable.   If their glasses do not have a glare resistant coating, you may want to send a note to make sure your child does not wear their glasses in the portrait.
  • Hats /head covers… are not allowed for school record portraits. School administrators strictly enforce this rule.  If you purchase a package on the first picture day we will take two portraits of your child and print the package with their hat.  If you do not purchase a package on picture day your child will be asked to remove their hat / head cover  for ID purposes.

Please enjoy this sampling of our school portraits.